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You get rewarded &
your friends save.

Recommend our services to someone you know and we'll take $30 off their Compass Consult fee and send you $30 as a thank you. 

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How to refer and earn

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Get your code

Your unique referral code is simply the invoice number found in the top right-hand corner of your initial invoice from us. Submit this form to activate your code now. 

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Spread the word

Ensure your friends and family quote your code before making payment and they will enjoy a $30 discount.

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Get paid

Once payment for an invoice using your code has been received, your $30 will be processed and the money will arrive in your account within 1-2 business days.

How to refer and earn
  • Where can I find my referral code?
    Your unique referral code is the same as the 'Invoice Number' from the first invoice sent to you by Yourcompass. For example: If your invoice looks like this: Invoice #0000001. Your referral code would be 1. NOTE: Before your code can be used, it needs to be activated. You can activate your code by submitting the form below.
  • How many people can use my referral code?
    You can share your code with and earn from as many people as you like! NOTE: Referral codes can only be used by new customers using our services for the first time. Discounts cannot be redeemed by existing customers.
  • How will I receive the $30?
    By submitting the activation form below, you will not only activate your referral code but you will also elect which bank account you would like us to transfer the $30 to.
  • What do I do if I have received a referral code from someone else?
    Simply let your designated Higher Education Expert know during your Kickstarter Call or Discovery Call and they will ensure that your $30 discount is applied before you make payment.
  • I am an international student. Can I participate in the refer a friend program?
    Unfortunately, no. At this stage, both the referrer and the referee need to be either an Australian citizen or a permanent Australian resident and have an Australian bank account.
  • What if my question isn't listed above?
    For any other questions, feel free to email our friendly team at
Activation form

Activate your referral code now!

Your referral code is now active! If there are any issues, we will contact you via email.

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