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But don't worry, we're here for you! Make the right choice with our FREE  'University Selection Checklist'.

simplifying higher education for you.

Considering TAFE or University?


peace of mind.

Are you thinking about pursuing University/TAFE and don't know where to start? Not sure if you are on the right track? Maybe you just want to speak to someone with experience. Book a consultation with one of our experts and put your mind at ease. 

all -in -one.

Do you have questions about Application Optimisation, Early Entry, Scholarships, UAC, Alternative Pathways, HELP-loans or anything in between? We are here for every step of the journey.



Live in Sydney? If you are located in one of our service locations we can come to you! If not, no worries, speak one-on-one with an expert either over the phone or on video chat. 


I thoroughly enjoyed the session and found it invaluable. I feel I have so many more exciting options open to me now that previously seemed out of reach. Connor was able to help me decipher all the key considerations like fees, online study options and what to expect from course work.


mature age student


what people say.


what we do.

It's no secret, trying to navigate the maze that is higher education is a challenge. 

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, you're about to close a chapter on the last 13 years of your life and enter the world of tertiary education. With final exams looming, learning about early entry, selection ranks and alternative pathways can be overwhelming to say the least. 

MATURE AGE STUDENTS, you may have been out of the education bubble for while and you're ready to jump back in. Now add work, a social life and family commitments to the equation and things really get complicated...


But it gets worse...


Most people try to tackle this ever-changing process alone, potentially wasting years in the wrong program and thousands in fees before even realising there was another option.

This is why we are here, to be YOUR COMPASS through this pivotal stage of life. 


what we offer.

  • Receive personal step-by-step guidance in your pursuit of Higher Education.

  • This service will cover (in detail): Course Selection, Application Optimisation, Early Entry, Scholarships, Alternative Pathways, Recognition of Prior Learning.


  • Upon registering, you will be allocated a Higher Education Expert. You will receive a 30 min kickstarter call followed by a 1 hour consultation where your Expert will help you figure out your next steps and design an exact action plan.

  • We help senior students understand their core values and give them practical skills to achieve their best in Year 12 and post-school life.

  • 7 part series, delivered in 1hr live, interactive workshops.​​

  • Delivered through schools, youth organisations and councils, the course is customisable for each school / cohort.

  • This is our information archive: developed to aid anyone in their pursuit of higher education.


  • 100% FREE.

  • Watch videos and/or read articles produced by our experts.

  • Topics include: higher education applications, university/HSC tips, entry pathways, fees and HELP-loans, employment, personal finance and much more.

  • Interactive, engaging presentations.

  • Answering any and all questions through Q&A.

  • Live or online webinars.

  • Perfect for schools, youth organisations or local  councils.

  • We can accommodate small and large groups.


  • We will tailor make a presentation to suit the needs of your audience. 

want to take the stress out of applying for higher education?


One conversation could be all it takes.
Book your FREE no-obligation Kickstarter Call today!

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